CODIFICAT is a project that arises from the intersection between dance, immigration and new technologies. Granted by l'Obra Social Fundació La Caixa and framed in the cultural projects with social impact, also counts with the collaboration of the Association TotRaval and the Primary School of Drassanes, between other entities.

With the intention of empowering the multi-ethnic character of the Raval neighbourhood, and providing visibility to the different cultures that inhabit its streets, the participants of the project have created small performances, of music and/or dance, that reflect the idiosyncrasy of the culture of which they belong. These small artistic samples, recorded in different public spaces of the Raval, are embedded in QR codes (a two-dimensional bar code system to store information in) hanged "in situ" that can be scanned with any Smartphone, enabling the spectator to enjoy the video that has been recorded in that location.

In another hand, the different videos are geolocated in a Google Maps of the Raval neighbourhood in the website of the project, Codificat.com, allowing the user to do an emotional trip through our website for the different ethnic patterns that compound a neighbourhood as eclectic as Raval.


Codificat descobreix la multiculturalitat del Raval amb codis QR
BTV, 05/08/12
La Filmoteca de Catalunya
La Filmoteca dóna suport al projecte Raval: Scan and Dance!
La Filmoteca de Catalunya 17/07/12
la malla
Codificat: Dansa, immigració i tecnologia
La Malla Tendències, programa De TV Locals, 25/09/12
la vanguardia
El Raval muestra su diversidad con los códigos QR
La Vanguardia Digital, 26/08/12
TV3, Telenoticies Cap de Setmana, (Mínuto, 18`26”)
TV3 25/08/12
L'eclecticisme del Raval a través dels codis QR
Barcelona.cat 17/09/12
Codificat: dansa, immigració i noves tecnologies
Tendències 02/10/12
Ajuntament de Barcelona
Fundació Tot Raval
Butlletí de Barcelona
del 10 a l 16 d'Agost
Departament de Comunicació Web i Xarxes Socials
Ajuntament de Barcelona 17/09/12
Suplement de la Vanguardia 24/08/12